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    Nice bounce off the 100 Ema .  The two aqua line generally show underlying support and trend.  The first one up till Feb 16 was broken and followed by a sell off where the SP found support on the longer term 200 Sma.  From this period the average volume of traded shares has increased.   The other aqua line now represents underlying support zone for the SP imo, and as we can see the angle of increase has shifted to a higher degree and could be showing increased upward SP movement in a longer term trend.  The gold lines are the forks which try to predict the SP range, rate of rising trend and possible support and resistance zones.  It is not uncommon for the SP to test the lower fork line to confirm the new up channel.  A good H2 result would certainly keep these parameters in play imo and believe we have a lot to look forward to later this year.  Nothing in TA is concrete, but interesting to me anyway.  What a beautiful looking chart since IPO, amazing stuff imo.

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