acturtle/jocam9 help wanted please.

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    I got out of NWE starting on the day it sold 15 million. I had 415k (in three seperate trading accounts) and sold at 12 cents. I had 200K of them on the board at 12 cents for about a fortnight. I got out of the other 215K on the following two days when I realised day traders were hitting it very hard and that a pull back was likely.

    I still had Mangrove's advice ringing in my ears and was tempted to break one of my inviolable trading rules, viz. "never ever get back into a stock from which you have just got out". In light of all the prospective future at CH, I had to give myself a good talking to to prevent getting back in.

    This little success has given me a lot more interest in the oilers. I've been trying to find out a bit about "the trade" from the internet but haven't found much yet.

    I got a glossary at the bottom of the NWE page. What internet heading would you look under? Geologists seemed to have the most info. I tried Oil Exploration but seemed to run into adds rather than a bit of theory. Maybe I'll have to spend a few bob and buy a book. Any help would be appreciated.

    I get a lot from your posts but I think it would help my understanding if I knew a bit more about the language and mechanics of the game.

    Regards lrj.
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