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    Looks like they might finally be about to get the cash flowing to offset that debt and lack of cash.Question is will they get enough cash flowing so as not to have to make a placement?Interesting race.

    CommSecure Selected as E-Payments Provider of Choice for Local Government in NSW SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 29 September 2003

    The two Associations that represent 172 metropolitan and rural councils in NSW have selected technology company CommSecure Limited (ASX:CMS) as a supplier for electronic payment systems.

    The Local Government Association of NSW and the Shires Association of NSW have contracted CommSecure to provide e-payment services for local councils state-wide.

    By selecting a central, endorsed supplier, theAssociations have made it simple for councils to choose from a variety of new and cost-effective methods for receiving rates and other payments.

    Eight councils have already committed to implementing new systems under the arrangement. Located around the state, they are expected to be operational by the end of October.

    CommSecure will enable councils to implement a full range of payment mechanisms tailored to meet local government requirements including telephone (IVR), Internet (payments, electronic billing and BPAY View), direct debit and over-the-counter payments.

    These will be provided via CommSecure's three main e-business solutions: PaySecure (secure electronic payments), BillSecure (for electronic bill payment and presentment) and DDRSecure (management of direct debit paperwork and transactions).

    CommSecure has secured the contract, which runs from September 2003 to August 2005, following successful implementations of payment solutions at several councils in NSW and Queensland, including majors such as Baulkham Hills and Hornsby Shire Councils in Sydney.

    Hornsby Shire Council serves 52,000 ratepayers and has estimated it will save up to $70,000 a year by using CommSecure's technology systems to reduce paper handling and encourage the use of low-cost
    electronic payment systems.

    The tender for the current project, titled "Provision of a Local Government Bill Payment Service", closed in April. CommSecure was selected by a committee comprising representatives of the Associations, against other short-listed suppliers.

    "We selected CommSecure because it offered us systems tailored specifically for local government. We found they were prepared to listen to our requirements," said Cr Dr Sara Murray, President of the
    Local Government Association of NSW.

    "They were also able to offer our member councils the widest range of electronic payment solutions and reduced costs for councils. They clearly demonstrated how their solutions increased convenience for residents which is so important for ratepayers in remote areas," said Cr Phyllis Miller, President of the Shires Association of NSW.

    The deal is a significant win for CommSecure, which has actively targeted the local government sector. The contract will deliver revenue in the form of set up fees, annual operating fees and per-transaction charges.

    "This is a major win for CommSecure and firmly establishes the company as the leading provider of electronic payments solutions for local government organisations in Australia," said Mr Ray
    Loyzaga, CommSecure Managing Director.

    "Our strategy is to offer the best in technology combined with outsourced 24 x 7 operation and ASP model pricing so that our customers can see that we succeed when they succeed. The more people that use the systems selected by our customers, the more our customers save while we receive increased transaction revenue. We can see the market for this approach steadily increasing as e-commerce grows in Australia- that is real e-commerce not the hype of past years," Mr Loyzaga added.

    Further attractions of the CommSecure solution were the security and robustness of its fully redundant e-commerce infrastructure and its innovative approach to direct debits.

    Through its DDRSecure service, CommSecure can handle all the processing and storage of forms and payments associated with direct debits on an outsourced basis. CommSecure also makes it
    possible to set up Customer Initiated Direct Debit (CIDD), where an authority is established but each individual payment must be approved by the end customer before funds are deducted.

    About CommSecure:

    CommSecure Limited (ASX:CMS) is a technology and services company providing comprehensive e-business solutions to corporate, government and other clients in Australia, Asia and the US. Established in 1998, it is among Australia's leading e-commerce specialists with solutions that include: PaySecure (Australia's most
    complete e-payments gateway service); BillSecure (electronic bill payment andpresentment);
    MarketSecure (online share trading and financial markets systems); and HostSecure (specialist Internet
    hosting). It also captures and manages Direct Debit Request forms via its DDRSecure service and provides sophisticated Web development and technical consulting services. See www.commsecure.com

    About the Local Government Association of NSW and the Shires Association of NSW : They are the peak bodies representing 172 rural and metropolitan
    councils across the state. See www.lgsa.org.au

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