Acronym Returns (Again)

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    G'day comrades,

    After having a break from active trading, I've returned with a cash chest due to very fortunate short term gains from my recently sold properties in regional Victoria. Pretty good actually for a three month investment. Try to find a property in Traralgon for under $80,000 at this point.

    During August, I decided to have a break from trading for a number of reasons. Firstly, I needed a holiday!

    Further, I was in a transitional period with my predominant occupation, which is often cyclical - political advisory services.

    I also had to resolve some personal issues.

    For about a month, I toured various tourist regions within regional Victoria and Tasmania, after deciding to leave my NZ trip till February or March next year.

    So, after having a break I decided to acquire a number of commercial cleaning and maintenance contracts, in order to establish a new and lucrative venture.

    I've been managing the business for approximately six weeks now, and have (probably) got my head around the worst of it!

    The business is now partially under management and it only requires about 10 hours of my time per week.

    So here I am.

    During my time away, I chose to not to 'obsessivley watch the screen', whilst still remaining in broad contact with both the market and my broker.

    I noticed a few things:

    Firstly, the banks have come off unsustainable (and virtually unsubstantiated gains), apart from a few (Hell / fergl).

    The POG decided to get its' act together by holding around USD 320 in the past few weeks, and fell this week when the DOW recovered (temporarily).

    Oil went for a run, but has come back in the past few days.

    I am only holding Oil Search Warrants at the current point. (OSHWAG and OSHWPF).

    The warrants expire at the end of Jan 2003.

    So, apart from being racist and bashing Muslims, what has everyone else been up to?

    How's CST travelling FG, and how are the old XEN, VPE, EGI, EBT and OXR going Yak?

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