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    This company has no debt, has net cash flow only, has net assets of $42m has a unique drug which is better than the competition and different to the competition, has maintained its US market share at 13% to 14% whilst others are loosing market shares, their is a current report on their website that the drug is not dangerous (thus I am sure the FDA will come out with a revised statement -no effect from the drug) also they are growing in some of the biggest countries such as Brazil, SA and South Korea, their dividend income is tax free and Fully franked at 100% and the return is around 9.7% compared to cash rate of 2.50%- this stock is a buy buy, The Sellers are stupid. Also the stock has been hammered a whole year by the short sellers who have just got it wrong - the short selling is still 12% of their capital around $20m short, The SHORTERS will be squeezed out soon - only a matter of time. When the FDA report come the shorters will get squeezedp - watch out
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