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acquisition of patents

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    These Patents are held by "some" of EMS Shareholders (Eastland Technology)

    They sold the Safe Needle Patents re Japan, South Korea and South Africa to EMS for $400,000:


    That means that sooner or later EMS will be asked to buy the Patents for "the rest of the world"; taking the $400,000 as a guide, that could involve some $5 mill., presumably on term payment.

    Intersuisse has the following guided profits for 2004-2006: 1.2 mill; 4.5 mill and 10 mill. These are not exorbitant as the number of shares has risen. However, some long term investors may prefer these shares.

    I am not sure if Credit Suisse took the above mentioned matters into account when predicting these profits.

    Non Shareholder.
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