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acne- fluoride and cellulite

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    I post the following for your consideration in an effort to highlight the cellulite issue as a possible health problem.

    "Cellulite and acne have something in common: they are both symptoms of lymphatic congestion".

    A Breakthrough: How Fluoride Causes Cellulite
    by Melissa, Expert Cellulite Investigator on March 16, 2011

    Anti-Cellulite Diet,Fluoride,Fluoroderma
    While researching information about fluoride blood tests for my forthcoming guide to fluoroderma, I came across the following morsel of evidence for our investigation.

    When I first read it, it made me gasp aloud.

    Biochemical abnormalities in two important matrix constituents, namely sialic acid (SA) and glycosaminoglycans (GAG) constitute a diagnostic test for
    fluorosis. Circulatory levelsof SA and GAG (designated as SA/GAG test), are reduced to almost 30 percent of normal in fluroide toxicity and fluorosis.
    1.I sent out this tweet right away. What an exciting breakthrough for The Cellulite Investigation!

    How Much Of Cellulite is Caused by Fluoride?
    I've often wondered this question when working so hard to heal my fluoroderma.Prior to launching The Cellulite Investigation, I never considered my acne and
    cellulite could be related in any way. Then when I learned about the lymphatic system and how it removes cellular waste from the body, I realized that cellulite and acne have something in common: they are both symptoms of lymphatic congestion.

    My fluoroderma was a sign that my lymphatic system was not in good health, so I knew I had to heal it before I had any chance of getting rid of my cellulite.But I didn't know if the connection went any deeper than that.
    Then when reading our Cellulite Book-of-the-Month (BOTM) for last October,Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It by Dr. David Brownstein,I started to hypothesize about a more concrete connection between halogens and cellulite. Dr. Brownstein explains that toxic halogens such as bromine and fluoride are fat-soluble and known to accumulate in fat cells when ingested in unhealthy amounts.It is well-established that fluoride accumulates in the fatty skin and bones of chickens that eat feed laden with fluoride-based pesticides.
    2 Maybe it accumulated in my fatty skin, too ?in the form of cellulite.Circulatory Levels of Glycosaminoglycans
    In parts of India, skeletal fluorosis is common because of exceptionally high levels of naturally-occurring fluoride. I had no idea that researchers in India (the source of the above quote) rely on blood tests that measure
    glycosaminoglycans as a way to gauge fluoride toxicity.

    As you recall from our September Cellulite BOTM, The Cellulite Solution by Dr.Howard Murad, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are the building blocks of our connective tissue. One type of GAG is hyaluronic acid, a common ingredient in
    mesotherapy treatments. The body makes hyalruonic acid and other GAGs from glucosamine, which is why glucosamine supplements are Dr. Murad's number one recommendation for treating cellulite. (see, Why Glycosaminoglycans Are A Girl's New Best Friend).

    This information is the basis for our beef stock theory, currently under testing. Beef stock is naturally rich in glucosamine.The quote above tells us that fluoride toxicity reduces the level of circulating glycosaminoglycans by 30 percent. Reduced glycosaminoglycan levels are such a reliable effect of fluoride ingestion that one of the world's foremost experts
    on fluoride's effect on the body uses it to diagnose fluoride toxicity in her patients.

    Do you see why I am so excited about this discovery?! If my cellulite is caused by fluoride, I should be able to completely cure it by releasing fluoride from my body ?and I already have a good idea of how to do that. I hope you are as excited about this as I am. This is big.


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