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    Acid Mine Drainage from
    Mt Lyell
    The Tasmanian Greens want to know what has
    happened to the treatment of acid mine drainage
    from Mt Lyell by Australian Mining Investments for
    which the Parliament had passed special legislation
    last year.
    Greens Opposition Leader and Mining spokesperson
    Peg Putt MHA is even more perplexed over the issue
    after raising the matter in Parliament, provoking
    Ministerial buck-passing but no explanation as
    to whether the proposal failed a due diligence
    assessment at Commonwealth level and what is
    now planned to alleviate the ongoing pollution of
    the Queen and King Rivers.
    “The Greens are worried about what has become of
    the proposal to process acid mine drainage from Mt
    Lyell for which Parliament passed special legislation,
    because we think it has taken too long to get the
    clean up underway,” Ms Putt said.
    “How curious it was that the Minister for Mines could
    tell Parliament nothing about what has become of
    the Australian Mining Investments proposal and
    that the Minister for the Environment was so coy
    that she couldn’t tell us whether negotiations on
    Commonwealth funding still involve that proposal.”
    “The Greens gained the distinct impression that the
    government was embarrassed about something, but
    were so defensive they kept Parliament in the dark.”
    “We want to see a start soon on further dealing with
    the acid mine drainage and the resulting impacts in
    the Queen and King Rivers.”
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