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Gee Orwell. I care about that stuff as there are so many lawyers...

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    Gee Orwell. I care about that stuff as there are so many lawyers and the like out there in mining companies, having a bit of fun. Raise some money, spend it, raise some more. Others allow big fish to swallow, they stay on and small holders get screwed. He's saying he's got Serious skin in the game, trying to avoid dilution and being screwed. I think everyone resonates with that.

    If I was a new investor, big or small, I would not think Archie and Malik's $2m skin to be a trivial matter at all. New investors want to know about the guy at the helm and $2 mill speaks volumes. I thought his presentation was very good. Not too polished like a lot of empty suits - he comes across as a passionate and credible doer, that knows what he's doing.

    And as far as our in house know it all - no points lol. Posts way too much to have any serious cred. Think about it all contextually.
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