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    Email to the company secretary:
    On the 7th April it was announced that the VTEM survey had commenced and results would be available in May.
    When I rang you some weeks back you said there had been a delay in the start of the VTEM survey but here we are in July and still no results released to the market.
    In my conversation to you I asked if you were prepared to divulge the names of the parties behind the $15M placement with institutions and sophisticated investors.
    Information that you stated was confidential.
    Now we see HSBC and JP Morgan among the top twenty shareholders.
    Both companies under investigation for manipulating the prices of precious metals.
    How naive of management to allow these companies such easy access to the influence the share price and future direction of the company.
    It is no coincidence that since these organisations have become major shareholders of CCU the share price has gone backwards.
    You only have to see the BOT trading to know what has been happening and who might be doing it.
    I am a long term shareholder in CCU but have dismayed that management have been so naive to allow the perpetrators in the price of silver?s depression on the share registry.
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