abuse thru these excluded issues

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    You really shouldn't touch these companies that are issuing shares at a 50% discount to the current market price.
    Abuse of these excluded issues to 'professional' investors means that they now should be banned and only rights issues to current shareholders allowed as used to be the case.
    Some of todays examples:
    MUR issuing at 4.5c when current price is 7.3c.
    NDO issuing at 4c when current price is 6.8c.
    ATN issuing at 14c when current price is 18.8c(share+1/2opt).
    MOK issuing at 20c when current price was 26c.
    DYL issuing at 3c when current price was 4.3c.
    And the list goes on - who will be on it tomorrow?
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