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    Have been busy ,sorry to take so long to get back to you.I don't have any exciting news on Hardman, as we'll all have to wait till the "Spudding season" in Mauritania occurs.
    I still have a feeling about Woodada19,its not over untill we get that "Plug and abandon" notice.

    • Firstly I am in for the short/long haul.
    • I do have a plan with the number of cheap shares that I purchased very early in time.
    • For the short term to work and to be able to retire early, I need the Chinguetti appraisal drill to show that more oil is available, with the second of the appraisal drill to show the same , more oil.
    • The next two explorations wells must also come up with the goods, "OIL".
    • Now I know that there will be members out there telling me I'm a "Walter Mitty" well that doesn't worry me as Danny Kay made heaps of money.
    • The long term ,well, with the remainder of Mauritania, Gabon, Guyanne,and NZ still to be explored how can you lose,yes it might be up to 3-5 years,but it"ll be worth the wait.
    • Woodside having a stake in Hardman is very encouraging, they could have gone and invested in some other E&P company, but chose Hardman, a very good sign
    • I'm looking forward to a great christmas this year.
    • What we need is a crystal ball , to find out what colours are available for BMW's around christmas. :-) :-)

      Two articles that I found on OIL and Gas International might be of interest.

      1. The approx distance between this location and Hardmans is 150-180 Kilometres, the Semliki Basin is south of Hardmans area.
        Uganda's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development said today drilling will begin in the country's Semliki Basin in August.
        Heritage Oil & Gas and Energy Africa will be joining the Ugandan government in the project.

      2. TotalFinaElf's Mariposa in Angola deepwater a duster.
        If the well proves to be a dry hole, it will be the last in a growing list of failed probes in Angola's deepwater and ultra-deepwater plays. BHP, BP, ExxonMobil, and Sonangol have each had dusters with their exploratory wells recently.

        As long as the "Dusters " stay down south, don't want them affecting Gabon or more importantly Mauritania

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