TIR titan resources limited

about to bolt?

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    Titan Resources has been revving the engines for the past two weeks as it prepares for an assault on the important resistance point of .31 cents. Today's action is beginning to look very promising. It's had a couple of forays north but has always shied away from the biggest hurdle. Now the Buy side looks strong with congestion in the high .20s and the sell side thinning. It'll be interesting to see where it closes the week.

    So many other small cap nickel stocks (e.g. IGO, VRE, SMY) have bounded out of the gate over the past few weeks it seems logical that a thoroughbred like TIR should go for a canter. After all, unlike some of the others mentioned, its huge cash reserves render the prospect of dilution to fund exploration unlikely.

    What's the bet it bolts next week? Conduct your own research.


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