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    i see bonkers has now ruined hotcopper. he has driven away all the decent people at stockhouse, got bored so thought he'd come here and try the same tactic.
    i haven't posted here before under my usual nic, just joined under this nic. have any of you ever seen bonkers abusive posts at stockhouse, where he has threatened to kill people, smash there faces in etc etc.
    fortunately at hc he knows he cant get away with this sort of behaviour, whereby at stockhouse he could before his posts were removed. then he babbles on about how honest he is. well this is a huge joke in itself, as regular stockhouse posters will know. he is a sad, lonely twisted person and takes his misery out on everyone else. he certainly lives up to his name.
    i liked hotcopper, there have been some good posters here, but they now seem to have gone, same as at stockhouse. is there any other site a decent person can visit without the likes of bonkers. would appreciate any comments on an alternative site. a more cynical person might think that bonkers is being paid to 'destroy' chat sites?
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