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    It is disappointing to see ABN Amro have a strong buy on VCR all this time, then change it to HOLD ??!!

    These guys are supposed to be the experts...VCR are so much closer to end point, have done over 200 implants, have increasing revenues...and ABN Amro want to downgrade!

    Then again, the brokers DO NOT DICTATE THE SP...the proof is there for all to if the opposite happens, then VCR should do well in 2008.

    So what will get VCR's obvious now that it was not the 200 implants or the use of the New Ventrassist, so what will it take???

    Maybe those sophisticated investors who bought at 80c want to average down...another $20mil at 40c...avg down to 60c ?

    I suppose if you buy at 40c and HOLD, then you will be rewarded.

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