abject contempt

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    I am dismayed by the abject contempt displayed by management,not informing shareholders is not only bad manners,but I believe contrary to the guide lines laid down by the ASX.
    Traders,by nature,take risks by supporting companies that are experiencing problems,they will support good management, with the ability to succeed in restoring the company to good health and profitability,and surprise surprise, they expect to be rewarded for taking this risk. When the companies health has been restored and the share price returned to a stable level,suitable for normal,cautious investors to return.this is the point at which the speculator/trader exits and seeks out the next company in need of and, deserving of support.
    Basically, the traders make the price,without them the price would collapse, there are many examples in the market of companies that good traders wouldn't touch.
    Instead of scorning traders that take such an interest in a company, they should be proud of the attention being shown. Dont squander this opportunity,show your mettle by keeping the market informed,no matter how bad,it's never as bad as the market assumes, that's what is supposed to happen anyway,isn't it?
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