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    Ambris staff includes Dr Jonathan Wright as it's Chief Operating Officer. He was previously Vice President- Marketing and New Business at Resmed. Before Resmed, he was at Johnson & Johnson Medical, Director New Business Development - Asia Pacific, responsible for developing emerging medical device technologies. Successes included the development and launch of three new medical devices on global markets.
    Jonathan Wright has over 15 years experience in successfully developing, launching and managing new-to-world medical technologies in global markets. He brings to Ambri a strong operations focus with a successful track record of managing multifunctional project teams in the launch of products that meet commercial market needs, on time. His immediate task is to help progress the Company through the next phase and placement of the SensiDx System in an Australian Hospital pathology laboratory for external evaluation.

    Mr David Cornelius is the acting Managing Director and CEO. Mr Cornelius is currently a non-executive Director of Ambri and was elected in 2002 as the nominee from the alliance of Dow Corning Corporation and Genencor International. He is working closely with Dr Jonathan Wright, recently appointed COO and other key executives, to lead the Company through the next phases of product development, commercial launch, and the associated fund raising.
    Ambri Limited (www.ambri.com.) develops technologies in the field of professional human medical diagnostics. Ambri is developing the SensiDx System, which has the potential to detect and measure drugs, hormones, viruses or bacteria in body fluids, including whole blood, by converting the measurement into an electrical signal. The first commercial applications are planned to detect the pregnancy hormone hCG, and markers indicating the incident of a heart attack. The SensiDx System is being developed to attain accurate, quantifiable results to assist diagnoses in less than five minutes in Hospital
    emergency departments.
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