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    A former fan of his sharp witted humor - though luke-warmly earlier in his career, I started to warm to his wit, and his half hour comedy sketches - "Mad as Hell". Sadly, last night's show indicated to me, (and I allege it) that he's been recruited by the ABC bosses to run a front line offensive in their ongoing "We all Hate Tony Abbott" spiteful push (OUR monies being used in THEIR push for revenge for the (modest) cuts the Coalition made to the ABC's hugely overipe budget.

    Thought last night, before program, "wonder if he'll get through the 30 minutes without one crack at Abbott"? How wrong I was in wondering.

    His entire show comprised a 95% Anti Abbott full frontal vicious attack on the PM - (dressed up to make this seem jocular - but vicious). A few jokey lines thrown in against Shorten - a few minutes of banter about him - but nothing vicious - just to delude us they were being "fair" and "balanced." Large resort to the "magic word" in sketches, too, last night. IS this suposed to indicate the show's more what, brilliant and daring?

    Seems the ABC management's now dictating Micallef's show's content and direction. He's doing what they order? Note the (always) red tie.

    Note all Labor men now wearing red ties - again.

    Leigh Sales wore a red top last night. Me, Paranoic? Perhaps.

    But as I've said so often - the (Secret) communist symphathisers in Cambridge and Oxford Unis, pre-war - students and tutors, always wore red ties, if men - it was then secret fashion pre-WW2 morse code to others of same ilk - the signal - "we're on YOUR side, Moscow."

    So Shaun - I'd buck the system. Go back to being actually funny. Not trying to be Laurie Oakes, the second, political commentator. But I guess that you cannot. (Be funny sans things politic..) IS this proviso written into the contract - attack Abbott through your whole show -constantly? Why can't you be independent of these now entrenched ABC Abbott hatreds. It's an industry, alright. And malicious and wholly unbalanced and unjust.

    Apart from any other issues - this wide anti-Abbott hate industry being overseen and engine roomed by the Left (and Shorten and Co), Get Up, Greens, Lambie and other Senate whackos and dills, is not only transparent, it's totally, utterly BORING as hell! Had thought Micallef better than this. But last night's poor and low effort assures me he's just another run-of the mill Lefty. Malleable to others' will.

    As for the later show - featuring some woman - swanning on about women's attitudes - the ABC stacked high treasury might as well have gone and flushed the money spent on this ribald rubbish down the old proverbial gully trap. And it's OUR money. Crass, crude, and ugly. And totally Left. Guaranteed more men were persuaded they really loathed women at the end of this piece of murk than when it started. Not only an insult to women - it was also an insult to men - and their integrities.

    ABC need higher walls, and a moat. Protect our territory at all costs - (and give us more money) is their Shield's motto.
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