ABC reports Barnaby seen visiting Kelly's office

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    Canberra press gallery must surely be due to be investigated ..

    So who leaks such information? Do the press roam the corridors of parliament?
    If Barnaby set it up why would the ABC be interested in taking the bait?

    Not so new revelations party staffers and even politicians have partners in the news media.

    We've seen the lady from China’s Xinhua CCP News Agency and her taking exception to being filmed while attending a parliament house press conference.

    I watched a clip last week as this fellow Van Onenslen went to town talking up the claim the PM had victim shamed the young lady who's allegation was yet to be proven.
    When I went looking for what words Morrison had used to victim shame, like Van Onenlsen had indicated by his lack of evidence there was nothing to be found, yet he insisted Morrison would have to be extra careful chosing his words from then on.

    I smell a stinky rat, its stunk for many years but its like the cat has dragged it to the back door.
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