ABC playing games on election

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    ABC gave us groupthink on steroids

    Was the ABC deliberately biased towards Labor at the election? It certainly did not run a balanced campaign and the nation knows it.

    I guess it makes life easier when Labor offers to use tax payers money to increase your bloated budget before the election. He was also going to increase the pay of another 1500 head bureaucrats just to ensure he had them onside. Shorten could not care less what people thought, breath taking arrogance and stupidity that will take years to ever see again. Why would anyone vote for a group who does this and dont respect us? That looked like paying off the public media arm for positive coverage as it makes zero sense otherwise. The public didn't like that Bill, yet another lack of judgement. The ABC budget should be linked to inflation for periods and made law, that way dodgy politicians cant buy votes with our money using friendly media outlets. Maybe Shorten started to get worried enough after he told Murdoch he didn't need him. Appealing to the greens and far left has its downsides after all. That was another hilarious lack of judgement and Fairfax must have been hoping and preying for a Labor win. They were all over Labor for a win because their ideology is a blue print of theirs. That also didn't happen.

    Imagine if Abbott tried to buy the ABC with the same money? Mind you, Abbott has morals.

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