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    Hi all
    Sorry Kelly. My mum warned me about tangling with girls like you. She said Cloud, if you ever stick your head out of that misty bay you'll get blown away. Ah that's for Saxien. Have only ever had one other nick and I'll own up to that. I don't know who the hell roo, the man and whoeverelse is and billy is not silly and he certainly isn't a cloud of sparrows, who isn't a ramper Kelly. I spend countless hours methodically researching companies before I get in and I admit often big. But the name of the game is to buy wholesale and sell retail. That's where the real money is.

    Now speaking of real money, read the earlier reports from last nights ABC news regarding the million dollars the US has put up to the Burnet institute for Hep C research. Man -Select is going to be big. And yes Select is the business arm of the Burnet Institute.

    Now talking about research, could some of you supersluthes out there give the Cloud a hand or does he have to call on Misty. As I said last night TGL - Transglobal - was this one of Frosty's favourites which had a new life as GAM? The reason I ask is 3 million + shares (up 50% - an obvious cross). Is someone doing a friendly back door takeover of what would appear to be a shell. I'd be interested and I'm going to carry out some due diligence today because this is Perigrine's modus operandi and we could be on to the birth of a new biomed.

    Then again I could be full of it, but I'll never find out unless I do some digging and I sure would appreciate a hand. So do your own research and we'll talk tonight and see what we all come up with. Hey Kel give us a hand and we'll all kiss and make up.

    The sparrow who travelled far and cried for peace.
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