ABC Four Corners 8.30pm tonight QaNon & PMs friend, page-5

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    As reported in today's Australian, this is not a new story. Looks like more over reach from Milligan and co. Gut feel is that it will be tightly vetted to ensure that no law suits forthcoming.

    Extract from the Australian below:

    The question of Mr Morrison’s family connection to a QAnon follower is not a new story. It has been extensively reported by experienced journalists from News Corp’s metropolitan dailies and Crikey, but never gained much traction in the wider community.

    Those earlier stories had canvassed the facts: Tim Stewart, a QAnon follower banned by Twitter for unfounded conspiracy theories, was linked to the Morrisons by years of friendship. His wife, Lynelle, worked as Mrs Morrison’s assistant at Kirribilli House.

    To take the story forward, there would need to be evidence of this relationship resulting in some conflict or influence by Mr Stewart over Mr Morrison, which is what Four Corners went looking for. Milligan and Neighbour have produced outstanding work, but their journalism and the work of Four Corners is under the microscope like never before.

    The ABC did not respond to questions from the Australian.
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