ABC bows to complaints

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    IT’S the episode of Peppa Pig so dangerous it can’t be shown in Australia, according to the ABC.
    But what was so wrong about the cute animated kids show that got a viewer so riled up they complained to the station?
    You can blame spiders.
    A viewer complained about the episode which featured a friendly arachnid called Mr Skinnylegs, where the moral of the story was that spiders are not really scary.
    Watch the episode (if you dare):

    In response to the complaint the ABC agreed it was the wrong message for Aussie kids.
    The ABC had already restricted the episode from the air — and apologised for accidentally running it online in 2012.
    But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as viewer complaints to the national broadcaster go.
    So what did kids favourites like Play School, Giggle and Hoot and Lazy Town do to upset viewers?

    Peppa Pig
    A viewer complained that the episode was inappropriate for an Australian audience because it said that spiders were not to be feared.
    The ABC agreed it was unsuitable for broadcast in Australia and it had been restricted from being aired.

    Lazy Town
    A viewer complained about “unsafe behaviour around electricity and electrical cables” on the show.
    The ABC immediately removed the program from the schedule and promised they would not show it again.

    Play School
    An audience member thought a craft segment involving pouring glitter and confetti into balloons and blowing them up was dangerous.
    The ABC agreed it would not show the segment again.

    Prank Patrol
    A viewer complained that a prank involving a lottery ticket was “inappropriate and encouraged illegal activity” because kids are not old enough to buy one legally.
    The ABC said it would not show the episode again.

    Giggle and Hoot
    There was a complaint that the character Zigby was incorrectly labelled as a giraffe on the Giggle and Hoot website. The character is a zebra.
    The ABC apologised that “every reasonable effort had not been made to ensure accuracy of factual content”.

    The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill And His Best Friend Corky
    A viewer complained that a character twice said that penguins are not birds.
    The ABC agreed it would not show the episode again unless edited.

    Play School
    A segment where shoe polish was used to make prints from leaves earned a complaint from one viewer.
    The ABC agreed there might be toxic substances in the polish and offered to reshoot the segment using something else to make the prints.

    Bolts and Blip
    A viewer complained that a character “inappropriately portrayed himself as a ‘spastic monster’ in an episode” of the US program.
    The ABC promised it would not show the episode again.
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