Abbott's submarine promise another "Captain's call"

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    South Australian Senator Sean Edwards has indicated that in an attempt to buy his vote to defeat the spill motion, Abbott changed the government's position on building the next submarines without consulting anybody. He promised Edwards an "open tender" or a "competitive evaluation process", which neither Abbott nor Edwards could clearly explain.

    Abbott seems to be backing away from his new captain's call already though. He's proving yet again, that when under pressure in the heat of the moment, he often lies, which he has admitted to in the past.

    It also reinforces what Tony Windsor said when Abbott was trying to get his support to form government:

    ''I remember him saying: 'Tony, I would do anything for this job. The only thing I wouldn't do is sell my a, but I'd have to give serious thought to it,''' he said.

    Senator Sean Edwards gives bizarre interview about Tony Abbott's submarine promise
    In an interview with Sky News on Tuesday, senator Sean Edwards was asked to clear up the confusion over whether Mr Abbott promised an "open tender" or a so-called "competitive evaluation process" in a bid to secure votes to defeat Monday's leadership spill. However, he was unable to clearly explain what he was promised, and ultimately observed that: "You know, you never get a second chance to ask your uncle to your wedding."

    Mr Abbott has been accused by Labor of making up the term "competitive evaluation process" to secure the votes of South Australian MPs, who have been under enormous pressure in their home state over government plans to send shipbuilding contracts overseas.

    On Tuesday, Senator Edwards gave a series of bizarre responses when interviewer David Speers asked him whether the Prime Minister had specifically promised an open tender in a conversation with him before Monday's vote.
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