Abbotts speech - superb

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    Bolt has summed up PM Abbotts performance today very well . . .

    "Verdict: It was very good.
    Abbott chose not to do what some commentators urged and do a huge mea culpa, begging forgiveness for errors. He chose instead to show himself as an unbowed and undeterred leader, firm and passionately focussed on the national interest in the face of great challenges.
    He warned his colleagues that Australians had voted to end Labor’s instability and did not want more of it from the Liberals. They should not be making a bad situation worse. They should not panic but hold their ground.
    His concessions were to scrap the paid parental leave scheme as unaffordable, leave the awarding of future knighthoods to the Council for the Order of Australia and be more collegial.
    Abbott stressed that the Australian people should hire and fire leaders, and tt had elected him, Abbott, to fix the economy. That’s a message to the plotters. Julie Bishop in particular will not want to seem another Julia Gillard.
    Abbott also pointed out that an Abbott Government would keep the carbon tax scrapped and Shorten’s Labor wouldn’t. This, in turn, could be read as a warning to backers of warmist Malcolm Turnbull. Electing him leader would remove a key point of difference with Labor.
    One more thing: Abbott made crystal clear with words and demeanour that he will not resign. That ends the fantasy pushed by some backbenchers, who know they don’t have the numbers or courage for a challenge.
    Lots of Ministers attended the speech to support Abbott. That’s another sign that Abbott is going nowhere soon."

    Who in their right mind would want to vote for the corrupt incompetent economically illiterate moralless bunch of ex union hacks that comprise the labor lites??
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