"Meanwhile, on the streets of Warringah, he is often heckled....

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    "Meanwhile, on the streets of Warringah, he is often heckled. During a Friday morning interview on Manly Wharf with Sky News’ Laura Jayes, she noted the heckles, and Abbott quipped: “I didn’t know you were so unpopular in this area, Laura.”
    Abbott has made some extremely unconvincing attempts at rearguard action on climate policy . At a Warringah candidates' forum he backed staying in the Paris climate agreement, a 180-degree turn from his previous position that Australia should abandon it.Few voters will be fooled by such deathbed conversions.
    Instead, Abbott is campaigning hard on local issues, such as funding for the Manly surf club, the Northern Beaches link tunnel, and more buses for peak-hour commuters. The fact that the latter two are the realm of state government does not seem to bother him in the slightest."

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