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    While calls for Tony Abbott to be replaced grow louder and in number and source, Abbott himself is speaking in a manner designed to marginalise and to denigrate those calling for action:

    "... On Wednesday, former assistant minister Arthur Sinodinos announced this his support for Abbott was not unconditional, and earlier in the week Denis Jensen and Warren Entsch called for a leadership vote in the next party room meeting.
    Abbott rejected that proposal, saying it would be a “distraction”. ..."

    By referring to calls for a leadership vote by MPs of Arthur Sinodinos' calibre a 'distraction', Abbott was denying all of the mistakes, failures, backflips and broken promises that define his prime ministership.

    "... “I don’t expect anything like that to happen,” Abbott told Sky News on Thursday night. “I don’t expect anything like that to happen because I know that this is a cabinet which is working together for the good of our country.” ..."

    The statement above attributed to Abbott ignores public opinion polls indicating that Australians don't believe Abbott's claim. The statement even appears to suggest that a different Cabinet would not work together for the good of the country.

    "... “What I say to all my colleagues – we have been a good team; we will be an even better team and let’s talk about any issues that people have,” Abbott said. ..."

    The statement above is a denial of the dreadful performance of Abbott's government, dismissive of what are very real 'issues' and implies that a different team wouldn't be as good as his.

    The words of Jeff Kennett and Peter Reith a few days ago ring truer by the minute; Abbott's leadership is increasingly toxic and his position terminal. But not just to the LNP; with Abbott at the helm the good ship Australia is on high seas with an economy that is weakening despite the growing global recovery in nations like the US.
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