Abbott warns of 'creative' homegrown terrorism

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    Tony Abbott warns of 'creative' homegrown terrorism after Nice attack

    Friday 15 July 2016 16.47 AEST
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    Tony Abbott says he was advised during his prime ministership that Australian homegrown terrorists would find new and creative ways to kill people, as at least 84 people were confirmed dead in an attack in France.

    The suspected terrorist attack took place in Nice when a truck drove through a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day.

    “This is the problem,” Abbott told told Fairfax Media. “Islamist terrorism – if this is what it turns out to be – has been incredibly creative when it comes to new and even very mundane ways to kill people.”

    He reportedly praised the professionalism of police and security agencies, which were a testament to the lack of similar atrocities in Australia.

    “They’re always trying to find new ways to create havoc,” he said.

    “It shows there are people who have nothing but malice towards those who don’t share their beliefs.

    “It shows how vulnerable we are to people who are prepared to kill and be killed without compunction. There’s no gratitude to the societies that have given them succour, just malice.”

    His comments came as the foreign affairs minister, Julie Bishop, confirmed, three Australians were injured in the Nice attack.

    Malcolm Turnbull andBishop immediately condemned the attack, stating that Australians were mourning for the “victims of another murderous act of terror in France overnight, on Bastille Day”.

    Bishop confirmed that three Australians were among the injured, though their injuries were thought to be minor.

    “We condemn this attack,” Bishop said. “We support our friends and partners in France and we join with others around the world in hoping that this will be the end of this type of horrific incident that is targeted at unarmed civilians.”

    Bishop said the French government believed the attack had all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack.
    “Our ambassador has given me some insight into how this has been received in France,” Bishop said.

    “It has shocked France, it has rocked it to its core.”

    Bishop said the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has reissued advice for Australians travelling to France, recommending travellers exercise a high degree of caution.

    She said the Australian government would wait for the formal investigation to “take its course”.

    “This latest attack reminds us that no city, no country is immune from terrorist attacks, that’s why the Australian government will do all in our power to keep Australians as safe as possible, both at home and abroad,” Bishop said.
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