Abbott, there has been no broken promises!

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    Abbott won't Change!

    Greg Sheridan gives advice to his friend, Tony Abbott:

    His chief of staff, Peta Credlin, should leave her position and move out of his office. The Liberal Party aches for this to happen. Credlin is a good person but she has failed utterly in her core task of managing relations within the government and between the government and the business community.

    If Abbott does not know this he is dangerously out of touch with his own government. If he does know it and won’t act anyway, he is putting a personal loyalty, which may be admirable in itself, above the national interest. That is self-indulgent folly.
    Whatever, the truth is that Abbott has not been given good advice on his position within the party - or has not listened to it.Niki Savva:

    The most surprising thing about Abbott’s reaction to the fact 39 of his MPs wanted him gone was that it came as such a shock to him. What it showed, among other things, was that for too long he had believed his own spin, as well as the spin spoonfed to him by those closest to him.

    It’s not as if people haven’t tried to tell him what the problems are. They have, for a very long time, in very many ways.

    They have been dismissed as liars, or stupid, or of running vendettas…

    On Sunday, May 25, last year Queensland backbencher Wyatt Roy was part of a group of about 30 marginal seat-holders invited to dine privately with the Prime Minister in the cabinet anteroom. Abbott’s practice at these dinners is to go around the room, asking each member to say their piece.

    Roy, trying to be helpful, stood at the table to tell the Prime Minister that broken promises were the fundamental cause of the government’s problems. It might be a good idea, Roy suggested, to apologise to people a la Peter Beattie and move on.

    Abbott was furious. He rounded on Roy, yelled at him, then directed his remarks to all of them that there were no effing broken promises and no one should concede there had been.
    All this must change. And the changes are not merely of process but of disposition.
    That is a huge change, but Abbott has done it before, after his catastrophic “gospel truth” interview as Opposition Leader. The question is whether he has the humility, strength and will to change.
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