Abbott pork-barreling

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    What right has Abbott got to "sell" the rights of building subs to save his skin?

    We all know what a mess was made of the Collins and now in return for the support from SA Senator  Sean Edwards Abbott has offered the chance of building the new subs to the same company

    Abbott leadership crisis: PM woos MPs with $20bn submarine contract

    TONY Abbott has sought to tie up his political support by opening the way for Adelaide-based shipbuilder ASC to bid for a lucrative tender worth at least $20 billion for the navy’s future submarines.
    The assurance was part of a deal cut between the Prime Minister and key South Australian Senator Sean Edwards who said his support for Mr Abbott in a leadership contest would depend on the shipbuilder being given the greenlight to make a bid.
    Mr Abbott rang Senator Edwards earlier this afternoon to make the commitment, with Senator Edwards telling The Australian a short time ago: “I won’t be supporting a spill motion tomorrow.”

    The Australian

    This man must be removed from power
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