abbott needs to show some ticker

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    If Abbott doesn't show some ticker he may follow Hewson in losing an unloseable election.

    Regular posters on this forum like to catagorise others into the blue or red team. I regard all policians as dishonest forms of fungus whether red or blue.

    My distain of Ms Gillard was reinforced when she told electors that there would be no carbon tax to get their votes then told the Greens there would be to get their's. This was dreadful treachery.

    Mr Abbott needs to show some ticker, perhaps he intends to closer to the election. Here's some suggestions which won't be popular in Balmain but will be in the outer suburbs.

    1)Stop talking about turning boats about. That is now a joke to the thousands of unauthorised migrants who are fully briefed on what to do if that was tried. Just say all unauthorised arrivals will never be released to the community, they will be kept safe in detention until they go home.

    2)Stop all foreign aid except to the South Pacific. Only the chattering classes want Australia to borrow money to give away.

    3)Promise not to tinker (at all) with super. This will be attractive to many older Australians.

    4)Bring the troops home.

    5)Lease Virginia class real subs from the US. Australia has proven it can't even make WW2 era diesel subs, to repeat that farce would be silly. Subs are serious killing machines, the specification shouldn't be left to green hippies.

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