Abbott has released details of the terrorist video

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    Prime Minister Tony Abbott has released details of the video in which one of two accused terrorists made threats about carrying out an attack on Australia and stabbing victims in their 'kidneys' and 'livers'.

    Mohammad Kiad, 25, and Omar Al-Kutobi, 24, were arrested in their shared squalid granny flat at Fairfield, western Sydney, on Tuesday afternoon, where a police raid allegedly uncovered a machete, a hunting knife, an Islamic State flag and a video featuring both the men, with one recorded making threats of carrying out an attack.
    During Question Time in parliament on Thursday, Mr Abbott said he was shown the video during his security briefing with the Australian Federal Police Commissioner and the Director-General of ASIO this morning.

    'Madam Speaker, kneeling before the death cult flag with a knife in his hand and a machete before him one of those arrested said this: "I swear to almighty Allah, we will carry out the first operation for the soldiers of the caliphate in Australia," he said.

    'He went on to say, Madam Speaker, "I swear to almighty Allah, blonde people, there is no room for blame between you and us. We owe you only stabbing the kidneys and striking the necks".
    Mr Abbott made the comments while arguing that the parliament should pass the government's proposed further changes to data retention laws.

    This comes after social media accounts of one of the two men charged with plotting a terrorist attack involving large knives on Wednesday revealed he was a fashion-loving weightlifter with a keen eye for expensive jewellery.
    Pictures of Mohammad Kiad on his Facebook page show him sporting expensive watches and suits as well as taking numerous selfies while at the gym. In contrast to the snaps of him in shiny sparkling tight pants, other pictures show him wearing traditional white Islamic clothing and headpieces.
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