Abbott doesn't back his own govt

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    In his tawdry speech, he mentioned that without him, the country would be worse off.

    So what he is saying is, every other person in his govt is not as good as him and if they elected someone else, all LNP policies would fall into rack and ruin. What an egomaniac!

    What his delusional brain cannot fathom is that his policies are the ones that are so bad and have got the govt to this point.

    Cutting funding to health and education
    Increasing taxes of medicare and fuel
    Increasing business taxes
    Knighting non-Australians
    Cost of living increases
    Lies and backflips
    Making the budget worse
    Making the deficit worse

    With a change of leader now, these stupid policies can be reversed or amended and the LNP can start again and this time with a person who can actually talk to voters properly and not like a moron with three word slogans.

    The only buffoons that are backing him are the people who will lose their positions in a reshuffle, namely Hockey, Brandis and Pyne, the three non performers.
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