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aav and the "free" trade agreement.

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    Just looking deep into the bowls of the free trade agreement, on a general side the wanks (Your right, I have no respect for them.) are asking for the bed and we are asking for the pillow, I guess hoWARd needs something to bite on.

    Anyway down to the nitty-gritty, the Australian Content Quota.

    At the moment I think it's around 15% overseas content and the rest is local, it varies between Docoumentary, Drama and Commercials. What the americans are asking for is what there calling a 'stand still' which means no change in the free-to-air quotas, but, for the pay-tv quota their asking 50% and 100% for broadband. This sounds ok, leaving out free-to-air, but lets look at it further down the track, say five years, when pay is really taking off and there is less and less Australian content being viewed by the public. This has a three fold effect; firstly, and most importantly, it removes part of our cultural out-let, secondly it expands the wanks propaganda machine, and thirdly it will destroy AAV's post-production side as the budgets for local productions shrink, dramatically. Remember, as people turn off free-to-air and to pay-tv, media-buyers will pay the free-to-air stations much less, which means drama and documentary makers will get much less money per-episode, which means of course, post facilities will get much, much less money.

    And the effects of the "free" trade agreement will be immediate.

    Lets hope for our culture, to slow the propaganda machine and our investment, this one does not get through.

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