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aae ethanol is the next boom sector

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    due to recent goverment changes policy on ethanol .they now endorse a 10% mix .this should do very well for AAE : australian ethanol ltd .AUST WILL BE 10% ETHANOL NOW .. as per new goverment policy.. ::The USA currently consumes nearly 4 billion gallons of fuel ethanol annually. The United States President, George W Bush, has recently legislated a mandate for the US to produce and consume 7.5 billion gallons (30 billion litres) of fuel ethanol per annum by 2012. At the present time, 30% of all petrol consumed in the United States contains 10% fuel ethanol. The total Australian refined petroleum products market (including petrol, diesel and LPG) is currently about 35 billion litres per annum. The current Australian market capability for fuel ethanol is around 2 billion litres per annum, 10% of the total refined petrol market, or twenty production facilities of 100 million litre capacity, which are similar in size to the proposed Swan Hill and Coleambally Ethanol Projects.
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