a yoke!

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    Just remebered a little joke... a little racist.
    Japanese green grocer has a shop next to a greek Fish 'n chips vendor and both being very polite, they greet each other very warmly every morning
    Jap: Good molning, Mr Popoulos
    Gre: Good Morning Horko-san

    This went for a long time until the greek could no longer take this good molning thing.
    Greek: It's Good moRning, you Japanese... twit! good moRning!
    The Jap was hurt by this outburst so he practised hard for the rest of the day and night and the next morning when he sees his greek friend he says it correctly:
    Jap: Good morning Mr Popoulos
    GreeK: Ah, good morning mr Horko-san! I see you've learnt how to say "good morning!"
    Jap: Yeah... you gleek plick!
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