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A Wild,speculative long-term tip with much promise

  1. Yak
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    May be worth considering. thanx s

    This stock is languishing on the market. 45c ...the lowest at which it has ever traded. ..the market remains
    bored with it.

    GDY is pursuing the nirvana of green energy: base load electricity with zero emissions. How? By producing electricity from the energy available from hot rocks deep
    underground. The company will use stock-standard generating equipment and perfectly ordinary drilling techniques.

    GDY will drill down to these hot rocks (at a depth of more than four kilometres) squirt water down the hole, and use the super-heated water which returns to drive an ordinary electric turbine. There will be no emissions--not even steam--as the cooled water will just go back down the hole. This is about the cleanest imaginable way to produce electricity, and when it gets up to scale it will be cheap. The electricity to be produced by the first plant has already been sold to a gas pipeline
    operator nearby to provide the power necessary to push the gas down the pipe.

    All that's great, but this one will take a few years to get going. First they have to build the pilot plant. When they move on to build full-scale plants they'll need to raise more money. The company obviously won't pay a dividend for several years.

    The stock is thinly traded at the best of times, but you can buy useful quantities if you're patient. The real risk lies in NOT owning this stock. If the first plant works according to plan--and the technical risk do seem very small--then the company could well have NO need to issue any further stock. Once they show they can actually get the turbines spinning, they could well finance all further developments with debt rather than equity. This would keep the stock scarce, an approach which should be applauded by all shareholders.

    I'm not saying the price will race ahead any time soon....

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