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Could be! Although I know some countries polls have been well...

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    Could be! Although I know some countries polls have been well demonstrated to be a crock... so much to the extent where news feeds were still being littered with how one party was going to cruise to election victory well after the fact that election results were clearly showing said party was going to lose an unlosable election.

    Back on home turf though (snicker) there are some huge new opportunities being presented for all sides to win on the climate side, regardless of where people sit on the question. Does Tony Abbott's riding that has overwhelmingly gone for an independent strongly supporting climate action know of our technology? Is Zali someone who should be made aware of Coldry and Matmor and the alleged potential it can bring to improve our country's international reputation on such issues if it can do what we apparently claim it can do? What about the other climate action favoring independents? Any opportunities in Queensland where Labor has been overwhelmingly shut out with a pro coal stance bringing into question how devastating Labors alleged costly policies could be to thousands of people's livelihoods dependent on industry?
    None of the above is a value judgment on any party policies or agendas, but more a search for answers on how we can make all sides look at the seemingly binary question around how to address apparent incompatibilities between climate action, energy supply and a healthy economy. I challenge that maybe it is not as binary as most parties (big and small) may wish us to think.
    Perhaps our management might be able to address some of these questions (particularly around which of our leaders (not the politicians but the ones amongst them that are true leaders) we may be able to bring together to find common ground and compromises to create a true vision and journey so that everyone can find some positives.
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