A vote for Abbott is a vote for Shorten

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    And that’s the quandary the Party Room will face on Tuesday. The word “loyalty” is not listed in the political lexicon but the word “survival” is explained in full. As suggested here many posts ago Tony Abbott has no way out at the Party Room Meeting but to take the lead and call for a vote of confidence in his leadership. He says he won’t, and for good reason.
    But if he does, and wins, then he continues on with hardly a ripple of dissent... for now, no further damage done. If he doesn’t win that vote the position of leader will automatically be declared vacant, all bets will be off and hats will start flying into the ring... but not his!
    If he were to pointlessly recontest the position, then he would damage his close supporters by forcing them to declare their allegiance to him in the face of the new leader, causing possible damage to their current (or coveted) Cabinet positions.
    It’s not a matter of whether you like Abbott or not, it’s a matter of whether voters prefer a bloke like Shorten over him. And it appears they do. The Party has been seriously spooked by the Victorian and Queensland results and most now believe it’s too risky to continue with Abbott.
    If the Party elects Malcolm Turnbull as leader then it thoroughly deserves to lose the next election and the ABC thoroughly deserves to be refunded. Turnbull is a ticking time bomb, 0.5 of a degree to the right of Labor’s Left and he would ensure the rise of an angry new Right Party leading to the emasculation of an isolated Liberal Party.
    There is an infuriated Right out there in voter land currently without a voice but it is determined to have one. Disaffected Labor voters can embrace the Greens. Who can disaffected Conservative voters embrace?
    There’s a massive void begging to be filled, and if Pauline Hanson can still be in the race for Lockyer despite a Newman wipeout then the message should be loud and clear.
    Desperate volatility is pervading the electorate and giving rise to otherwise unelectable dolts like Daniel Andrews and Annastacia Palaszczuk and, heaven forbid, a possible Bill Shorten.
    If the Libs turn to Turnbull it reinforces a perception of ideological dysfunction. If they stay with Abbott it’s merely a stay of execution.

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