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    Court rejects stay on child detainees ruling
    The Woomera Lawyers Association says the Federal Government should move to release children from immigration detention centres immediately, after the Family Court dismissed an application to put its landmark ruling on hold.

    Last month, the Family Court ruled that it has the power to release children from detention centres.

    Mr Ruddock has since announced he will challenge the decision in the High Court and applied for a stay on the ruling.

    His lawyers argued that releasing children from detention centres before the appeal was heard would be unsettling for them.

    But the Full Court of the Family Court dismissed the application today and referred the matter directly to the High Court.

    A spokesman for Mr Ruddock says his office will carefully look at today's decision.

    But he says it is likely an appeal will be made directly to the High Court regarding the request for a stay on the court's original ruling.

    Jeremy Moore from the Woomera Lawyers Association says the decision means the Family Court can now order the release of children in detention.

    "Hopefully in the next little while all the children will be released with their families from the detention centre," he said. "That's the appropriate solution."

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