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    Some things still amaze me.

    9 of us are travelling to Los Angeles via Honolulu.
    We booked with Zuji travel
    Our flight was with ATA airlines.
    2 weeks ago i herad Aloha Airlines went broke , and was glad I booked with ATA.
    Last Thursday they went broke.
    So 2 airlines in 2 weeks travelling the same routes.
    we have travel insurance, plus gold credit card insurance etc.
    Zuji rand me yesterday to tell me the news and asked If I would like a full refund. (I booked 4 weeks ago)
    I said sure. So they saiid send the tickets back and your money will be credited within 2 weeks.
    It seems to easy???
    I have not heard of that being done so easy.
    Time will tell but seems all ok at the moment.
    I managed to get 9 seats on similar flights (cost us $100 extra each) but didnt lose the dough and can still go on holiday!!!!!!!!
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