a toll on both your houses! :)

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    Well now, let me see: On one hand we have the snooks and the cpkids and the rabbits and bulls who hate just about everybody except themselves and their own, tiny chauvinistic circle and on the other, we have Fallguy who -let me take my hat off to you mate!- keeps trying to tell the world (but it's only a pitiful little audience, here, mate) how to be fair and sensitive enough to see the good and the bad on all humans, no matter what their genetic pool or geographic parameters. He reads just about everything, has an open mind to just about (I said just about) everything and keeps on coming back again and again for more. His opponents have definitely run out of ammunition: same ol', same ol', same ol' words, same ol' same ol' arguments:God gave this land and the land you're sitting on and all muslims stink! Powerful response that, very intelligent, very peace- conducive!

    I'd love to be able to conduct a simple little toll on which side gets the most votes on this forum! Just side A (the chauvs) and side B (call them the Cab Savs) of which I'll declare myself as one.
    Can someone suggest a way of doing this?

    Ardently interested!
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