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a tidbit from jeff kern on his forum

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    Copied this from Jeff's forum site.
    Pay particular attention to the "PS" in Jeff's response and keep in mind that Jeff developed USERX in the mid 70's before the mega bull run into 1980!

    Jeff, A question from the update..

    Please help me to understand what factors lead you to assess this buy signal as being particularly strong. (4th strongest ever)

    02/23/2008 04:05PM
    The 92-96 index buy came first, so it is "On the Path". It's the most powerful index and the long-term signal. "Can't have a true bull without the 92-96 index on the PAth".

    Second, the 35-39 came just one day after it. The closer they are together, the more they work in concert and one day apart is almost as close as you can get (tied is the closest). Intermediate power. The short-term sell came last.

    Think of an ocean wave analogy. You've got a tsunami wave leading (92-96 buy), immediately it gets reinforced with a tidal wave (35-39 buy) and they both hit a boat's wake (16-20 sell)going against them.

    P.S. I didn't mean to write the 4th most powerful ever. I meant "the" theoretically most powerful ever, numero uno.

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