A Successful Trading Strategy

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    ..... used the title to get the those in search of the "perfect system" to read. As we know there ain't NO SUCH THING.

    1) Buy stocks on a yearly high showing a "sustainable" rise and with good fundamentals. It's amazing just how far they can continue to go up. Backtest it ! But don't bother to ask me what a "sustainable rise" is !!!

    2) Have a trailing stop loss.

    ..... Don't be greedy ..... not a rule, just commonsense.

    After years (more than I care to remember !!!) of buying specs, picking bottoms, buying Blue Chips and holding, trying to read charts, doing fundamental research, following tip sheets, and, and, and, .....

    The above 2 rules were the foundation of my transactions over the past year or so .....

    I have posted similar stuff before but I thought it worth sharing as this site appears to have many punters similar to myself.

    I still like a speccy and the odd Blue Chip bottom picking trade tho' ... gotta get outta them bad habits !

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