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A strange world...

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    At the moment its a complex interplay of corporate shenanigans between 2 heavy hitters fighting out the rights for ELH

    Seems nuttin is at it seems. More twists and turns than an Agatha Chrisite novel.

    Now.....any comments on these two posts on SH - particularly the first???

    Well...what is this all about?

    Post 1 on SH :From APC web site- Operations Report-3rd Quarter - Page 16
    of 17
    During the quarter, the company finished completion operations on the
    ELH#9 and ELH#4. TheELH#9(APC 34%W.I.) was perforated in the
    Kreyenhagen and Phacoides sands and tested at a rate of 0.1 MMcf/d.
    The ELH#4 flow tested 1.0 MMcf/d from the Kreyenhagen,Phacoides and
    Bloemer sands. Both wells are shut in. Anadarko elected not to
    participate (non-consent) in the completion of the Pyramid Hills#1.

    Another company that has been named operator will attempt the
    completion. Due to disappointing results, the Company is
    implementing an exit stratagy from the San Joaquin basin play.

    Post 2 on SH:this is how a "poor-boy" operation would look at ELH.
    APC needs to establish some sort of value. OXY needs to establish no
    value. and caliche, there slimy arses were seen slithering outa town
    two weeks ago. as for that lawsuit, and OXY's reported taking over
    the testing of the PP well all goes hand in hand. OXY needs to
    establish no value and by testing the one they think will show a
    bad test, and represnt their claim of "no-value" is the PP well.
    Thus, they're in ELH for nuthin' and all of us are happy cuzz this
    spells a "new begining". JMHO

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