a "stealth gold market" until a $400 pog

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    This extract from an interview given by GATA'a Bill Murphy earlier this month is interesting and worth reflecting on.

    "I think $400 is when the bells and whistles will start to go off. Even then by the way, the investment world -- the mainstream Wall Street -- will try to tone down the excitement.

    I think a lot of it may also have to do with outside markets. When the stock market is going fine, people are just hoping the trade is going to come back for them.

    But I think what we have now is a stealth gold market. I expect it to blow through $354 in the very near future and then all of a sudden take a run for $400.

    I’m looking for a very big move in the gold price in one day. Once this gold cartel, as I call it, loses control or once they are forced to panic and cover, we should have some big moves up by the end of the month and then it will start gradually coming in.

    But you’re going to need at least $400 for some people to wake up.'
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