A slightly different ignore?

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    Any chance of a slightly different version of ignore that completely removes a persons posts in addition to the current one.

    As an example I have bonkers on ignore because it takes too long to wade through new posts when a large percentage of them are his spam. But I still get the same spam when I read others posts that he responds to. I'd actually like to be rid of him forever.

    Perhaps a limit of 20 posts a day per person would also help. It seems to me that it is only the ones who want to disrupt that would ever go above this.

    And of course I'd still like to have people register under real verifiable email addresses so we could stop people "talking to themselves".

    Thanks for listening. I appreciate the efforts you are making and often wonder whether if you made it a pay service it would only be the fools that dropped out leading to a much better quality of posts. Even a few dollars a week might weed out the idiots (who of course would have to pay for each of their aliases as well). I subscribe to one pay site costing around $3 per week and the information posted is good quality; discussions are constructive and personal criticism is not permitted. I know that the previous owners implemented a pay scheme and it didn't take off but you must be very frustrated with the quality of the posts these days. (Some of them are still very good but there are plenty of people who just post rubbish)

    One last one - please disable the ability for people to be able to add sound to their posts.
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