HDR hardman resources limited

a share issue "remains an option"

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    From http://sg.biz.yahoo.com/050810/15/3u4pp.html

    "Potter said Hardman is yet to draw on a US$100 million debt facility arranged by ANZ Banking Group and is also looking at "opportunities around hedging".
    A share issue "remains an option", though it would be driven by "events" such as the potential sanctioning of Tiof, he said.
    Tiof potentially contains three times as much oil as Chinguetti, and will be more expensive to develop, analysts believe."

    SG says ... lets hope Sotto the two Colins and Espardon come up with the goods.
    And the POG stays above $US60 'cos, Tiof aint going to be cheap to develop ... but there's plenty of it.
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