a red paper

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    If I can get paid for same, I've decided to write my own "Paper" to counter the Ken Henry who hasn't a great deal of Asian experience in actual fact one!

    I've decided to call mine a "Red Paper" - seems the most appropriate color for this current "Government."

    Mine's pretty simple - only one page in fact. Suppose it'll only attract a miniscule commission fee, but it solves a lot of problems.

    My thesis for Australia's future is:-

    By the year 2050, ensure that ALL Aussies speak either fluent Mandarin, and/or fluent Arabic. This won't cost much - and will serve us all well, being by then the major world
    languages. English still used, but regarded as too democratic and "elitist" - and too reminiscent of that old oppressive and crumbling religion, by then totally disregarded and discredited - Christianity.

    (My tea-leaf reader predicts a huge book- burning in about 2031 anyway! Contents of all Western libraries - OUTSKY!)

    Terrific idea- don't you think?

    Could someone give me the correct address to which to submit MY (far superior to white) "Red Paper? And a rough idea of the extent of the fee they think I can expect?

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