a question for the greeks

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    just thinking how a lot of the greeks on this forum seem to be very left wing.to the extent that some are not even interested in the alp but prefer the greens.

    i find this strange and am wondering what was the condition and style of the government your elders fled in greece.

    i assumed it would have been a socialist type of government or something else that is different to the largely democratic conservative free market system we have in australia.

    if that is true, i ask why are you against the party's that have made australia great and a place so many have wanted to come to.didn't your parents warn you against the evils of socialism and anti-market economies.if not why?

    this is a real question.just curious.what am i missing?

    i realise there are many greeks who vote liberal and some are in high positions in the liberal party.however, i would have thought the pain of leaving a country with such a great history would have instilled a far greater proportion of people who would be enthusiastic about australia's institutions.

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